NIT Patna

If you are looking for information on this institute,I’m sure there are not many web pages. So being an alumni of this institute with glorious past, I thought of assembling things which you really seek.

Here is what official website of National Institute of Technology Patna says …………….

“National Institute of Technology Patna is the 18th National Institute of Technology created by the Ministry of H.R.D. Government of India after rechristening the erstwhile Bihar College of Engineering Patna on 28. 01. 2004. NIT Patna marked its humble beginning in 1886 with the establishment of pleaders survey training school which was subsequently promoted of Bihar College of Engineering Patna in 1924. This made this institute the 6th Oldest Engineering Institute of India. The graduate level curriculum was later elevated to the post graduate level in 1978. The institute is situated on the south bank of holy river Ganges behind Gandhi Ghat, one of the most important and reverential place of Patna. The Gandhi Ghat is associated with……………………………..”

So this is the formal introduction of this institute which is old and new at the same time.

Now let me give you my perspective ………………

Well it is situated on historic Ashok Rajpath, on the banks of River Ganga,Gandhi Ghat to be exact.If you expect something like a national level institute in terms of infrastructure, beware you may feel decieved.But an old brick red building,which looks more like a Haveli is there to welcome you.This building houses administrative and Civil Engineering Department and speaks of the granduer and heritage the institution has build over the century.

Two diverging walls,with iron chain mounted on them seperate playground and the hotspot,Canteen.I’ll discuss these and other landmarks and selected memories in pages and posts to come………….

The Iron Chains

I swear,those who are out are missing it, and those still going through ……gonna miss it the same way. It stands as testimony of your four year stay.In first year(may be on very first day) you got ragged infront of it.And the years that followed you were there on the opposite side.It stands teaching you two extremes of life…….It teaches you humility and domination at the same time.


This is the most happening place in any engineering college, So is ours.Even with all the filthy appearance it has got ,it was the best place to hang out. Purposeful or purpose less you never mind spending hours over there.

Guys keep watching out for more info as i get time to post it……………


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