Change We Need:Election-2009

Our management decided to make it compulsory for each one of us to have basic level certification in any foreign language. On their generous part they will be providing free classroom training for that. So, I got a mail from one of my colleague, requesting to choose from the four language courses. I need to submit my choice before I leave for the day.  Foreign language you see, they are so foreign. I am not interested in any of the choices; I wish I had one more option “None of the above”. I would have surely gone for it.

It often occurs in our life that we want one more option i.e. not to choose from given option. With General Election-2009 on door I see how important that yearning had become for me.  Sometime I think I should vote and change the face of our country, as I believe you are & your society is what you choose. In great democracy like our things propagated in such a way that you feel better not to vote. “I don’t want to regret any thing I do in my life”. To put it simply I want no sin by me.  Do not wonder how voting is related with sin. This is how the story goes…………………..

Suppose in a particular LS constituency I have “n” number of candidate contesting for the prestigious chance to represent people.  But a close look into the profile of these so called politicians will reveal who they are. Goons, dacoits, murderers, bloody criminals, scam plotters,……  (search a dictionary for all such words and they will fit right for their character).  It is not that they are all the same, they have got dimension both in variety and magnitude. So the Election Commission plays its role right to give you an option to choose your representative from among the goons and criminals. So the poor children of democratic nation have options choose whoever you like, come under the influence of so called influential (Bahubalis….) & choose them or choose the least hardened one, the decent in arena of lewdness. Choose any of the options you will have the same result. The biggies will use power to grow even bigger; the middies not miss the opportunity to be biggies and the decent guy you chose will rise to replace the biggies by next elections.

This is not a new story of any part of our diverse India. It is widespread and prevalent throughout the length and breadth.

What do you think is the solution the save our ailing democracy from the life taking grip of criminals in politics? One, have an option of “None of the above”; this will give the misfortune children of this country a life saver. A right to decide their future, choose what they think is right, not to choose right among all wrongs. Let the voters decide what they want, if they don’t want them lets have an option to express so.  Two, modify the laws to keep these criminals and politicians who use them to debar from contesting elections. Have a stringent law to deal with wrong use of power. Third, have a negative voting factor, and decide a weighting factor for these negative votes cast for the qualification for next election. 

These will not change everything drastically but I hope will change the topography of Indian politics to an extent such that an ordinary Indian can easily navigate through and not feel shame.


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