Don’t use paper cups

How easy and handy it is when we want to have a cup of our favorite drink, be it hot coffee, tea or cold beverages.  These cups have a recyclable logo printed on them. If you think there is no problem using these stop and take a look. Because every time you are using these cups knowingly or unknowingly you are contributing to the greater environmental problem.

Generally these cups are made up of high quality paperboards. Manufacturing these virgin paperboards requires lots of wood and hence forests are cleared. While recycling is one way to reduce this new wood consumption but a variety of reasons prevents it. To make them well insulated, durable and water proof these are coated with polyethylene. This prevents recycling of these cups. Even intentional recycling of these cups is very limited due to concerns of hygiene and health.

There is a huge investment in terms of natural resources and energy. Many trees are required for pulp whereas its processing requires energy, water and chemical.  After usage of these cups, a large amount of Solid waste is added to the environment. These wastes if left untreated will contribute to pollution of different sorts else will again consume a large amount of energy to process and treat those wastes.

So what is the solution? Use mugs which are reusable. You can have a variety of options available to you in form of various size and color. Use ceramic mugs or better still stainless steel mugs which you can reuse thousands of times. Compared to paper mugs, these will ensure a better tomorrow and a greener earth.


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