Elections-2009 & Environment

The success of Earth Hour was followed by successful Earth Day on 22nd of April 2009.But a question still remains to be addressed; do we need a specific day or a week to show our concern towards environment? Is it so that we take up these events to feel relieved of our responsibilities?

In India we are having General Elections. These elections will very much determine the fate of nation in the time to come. Even though there is a huge cry world over regarding various environmental issues, no political parties here bother to take up environmental issues as election issues. Or are our environmental concerns different from the others. Sunita Narain in her editorial Elections 2009: Where is the green party in Down to Earth describes the existence of Green Parties in politics and political parties with green issues world over. India being developing, has seen massive investment in all sorts of development projects, in each of these project the sustainability of existing state of environment is at stake. Yet in this country, leave addressing no political parties bother to even raise it.


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