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The Elections are over; UPA with congress as leading party will form the government. Mr. Manmohan Singh will swear in as Prime Minister, and for other ministerial berths they will keep on fighting among themselves as it had been always. NDA will again be in opposition. But what made these elections different from the previous ones I have seen, is the affinity of voters towards development agenda.  Indeed a good sign, for this country amidst global economic downturn.

On the other front, the semifinal matches of this year’s IPL will be held today. How addicted to cricket we are, isn’t it? Even in worst on situation we can’t do without it. That is what I really liked about IPL 2009, whether held in South Africa or United Kingdom, Indian Premier League is still Indian Premier League.

I think only industry that showed some upward graph, for the last few months is Media. Yes a boom time for them. Full of news, important news, breaking news, live reports ………switch on your TV they are blaring in full go. Important news was from neighboring Sri Lanka, where they declared an end to almost three decade long fighting. These days I am in Tamil Nadu, you really can feel the impact.

An issue that is alarming most is the season of layoffs, pink slip allotment prevailing in the IT industry. There is a sense of chaos, uncertainty. Everyone is fighting to keep his job safe, like saving your life, trying to flee from a sinking ship. On the other hand, one of my colleagues is fighting for her life with encephalitis (Brain Fever).

I don’t like posting on this blog these days. It may be that I have nothing to post. Whenever I start writing post, all the wrong, dark, negative thing starts popping all around me, sort of invasion it seems. Your mind goes blank. They say it often happens with naive, Cannot say but I will try to continue.

Have a Nice Day, Wish Nice for me too.


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