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“I do not enjoy my job. Every day I begin with a hope that something will change today. At the ends of day it remains same, unsatisfied. I don’t do anything here as I like; I am being forced to do. Just out of college and in grip of turbulent times, and with nowhere to go, you can imagine what it feels like being here. And I can tell you I am not alone here, or anywhere. You can find dozens like me, especially those working in the new age sectors.”

I ask them the same question which I often ask myself, “If you are so unsatisfied, why don’t you leave it?”

“Why should I leave? Let them fire me. Seriously I don’t mind easy money” is the apt reply you get most of time.

Bitter question that still lies there, why are we doing what we don’t like? Is it just for money? Or, is it that we don’t want to make that extra effort?

Prostitution, I think needs not to be explained. And when you compromise on your intellectual capabilities, act not according to your free will but guided by the little security and pleasure that fat pay cheque brings, it is nothing less than intellectual prostitution.

Some may contradict me to call it professionalism. Easier said than done, there is a thin line that separates intellectual prostitution from professionalism.  Those who hold intellectual morals high it is identifying that difference and deciding which side you are on.


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