CFLs – A Green Way


I believe one of the finest ways to keep your electricity bills lighter and escape the recession blues is by going green. If you are still using those incandescent lamps/bulbs, it is like Stone Age lifestyle in this age. It’s time for you to wake up and give a consideration to environment. Don’t think that you are doing any charity; in long run it is going to help you only.

Compact florescent lamps (CFLs as they are called) are energy efficient lamps/tubes which you can use in same way as your incandescent lamps. Yet these are far more eco friendly. As suggested by various research CFLs uses 75% less energy than normal lamps but provide same brightness. So, what are you thinking? It means saving, one estimate suggest that one CFL during its lifetime adds more than Rs. 1000 to your pocket and saves around a ton of Carbon Dioxide from entering into atmosphere.  

Even though CFLs are costly compared to incandescent lamps, but longer life, low maintenance, large saving and environmental friendliness makes it a must have. So, even if you are not eco-conscious change to CFLs, electricity bills are running high.  


Synchronize your lifestyle for sustainability…………….Time is running out…………..tick…..tick….tick…..



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