Irresponsible Journalism

Indian Journalism, only word I find to describe the quality of it is “pathetic”. I am not speaking about any particular group but in general. Worse still is electronic media. In a country like ours where count of news network runs into hundreds, I feel pity and sad to see such cheap news quality blaring through television.

Yesterday they were airing the news “what happened to a woman who tried to commit suicide by laying on the railway track”. A train passed over and nothing happened she survived to tell the tale. Of course it was from a distant country (not India).

Not only that one of the leading Newspapers of India reported “Bermuda Triangle to blame for [Air France plane] crash?” regarding the recent crash of Air France plane on its way from Rio to Paris. That’s ridicule. Someone please show them the location of Bermuda triangle, at least on a map.

These are just a few examples; sometime they draw logic and justify events which are really intolerable. Had the presenter been in front of me, how hard I would have hit him, I think.

Be it political, social, and economic or anything else, all they want to create is breaking news. Each one of them promises that you are watching the story exclusively on their channel only, poor fellows. Each one is breaking news for them, yes all the garbage.

I don’t have anything personal against them. All I want is things better for whole country. We have a lot of problem in form of bad roads, no electricity, no education, poor healthcare, corruption everywhere. We have concerns like internal security threat and environmental sustainability posing a threat against our survival. Media and information flow is a vital part of progressive nation and media has a strong role to play in building a constructive society. And being a concerned citizen of the state I would like Indian media and journalism to devote their time and energy for addressing, highlighting and working on these issues for a change.


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