Effective Writing Tips from a Naïve

It often crop up when I sit too write something, I go blank. It feels like there is some hollow. I don’t really know how to move ahead.

But here I will discuss with you what I call “Five Fingers for Excellent Writing.” I really do not know how helpful it will prove for you, but trust me; I am satisfied with my progress.

Once you have selected your subject or topic, here’s how it flows:

1. Think clearly

Think about the topic; take some time researching on what makes the topic distinct. Decide points which a prospective reader would like to know. You do not have to be an expert on given subject to write on it. But, if you are able to communicate to your reader what you are talking about, that will do the job for you.

2. Jot Down

When you have gathered some ideas, start writing. Don’t limit your imagination, don’t worry about sentence structure. Scribble down al that comes to you in the flow.

3. Look Back

Check what you have written and add detail if you feel necessary. See how you can link the ideas to for a structure. While doing this choose your words keeping in view the audiences you are targeting. If you are not finding the right word take some rest and start again.

4. Check It Thoroughly

Since you have something on the subject now, read it thoroughly from start to end. Choose a Catchy title. Check whether the main body which you want to convey to the reader makes right sense or not. Check spelling and grammar manually.

5. Make it Tidy

Correct any spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes you found. Use thesaurus extensively to even the bumpy edges you found, if any.


Try it once it’s really helpful.

Happy Writing


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