World Environment Day 2009

5th June, World Environment Day

To many it is one more day in the calendar marked to show solidarity for environmental concerns, but that is not the case. Having days spread across the calendar dedicated to environmental cause, helps to create a constant reminder for the careless mass. Reminder like “Act before it is too late”, “Time is running out…..”

This World Environment Day I am not doing anything special, as I believe that your deeds of a single day cannot sort out the greater environmental problems. I received one email this morning from the corporate social responsibility wing of our organization. They are organizing some poster and web designing competition. I doubt how much they will address the cause, because I do not see any green measures being seriously taken at our office premises. If an organization or an individual is seriously eco concious, their everyday lifestyle and culture should reflect it. They should imbibe and implement eco-friendly practices as a habit. That is correct thing to do even it has to be forced on oneself or on the workforce.

Things I remember from past. In our school World Environment Day is a grand affair. Apart from regular debates, quizzes, awareness march…..the thing I used to enjoy most is plantation. It used to be really adventurous. Right from getting sapling from nearest nursery, selecting right location in and around the school premises to plant it, and then really planting it was things I used to like the most. And the best of the activity used not to end over there. Each one of us was assigned responsibility to look after the saplings you have planted. It was our responsibility to water and remove weeds in and around the area. On my visit to my school, almost a year back, it was great to see the pine saplings we had planted grown into a fully fledged tree.  Let me tell you, it’s really great feeling…..try it at least once around your locality. But more than that I learnt more to embrace the green habits which are easier, better and wiser thing to do.


 Synchronize your lifestyle for sustainability…………….Time is running out…………..tick…..tick….tick…..


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One Response to World Environment Day 2009

  1. ajmeri123 says:

    Really, there is much efforts being done to protect our globe… but still man is finding it hard to not let himself be dominatrd by the ever chasing ” protect your environment”!!!
    May be it is not taken serious enough that the planet is loosing its resources and natural beauty…

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