Last Page Of My Notebook

I had been avoiding posting my thoughts on some of the topics under the sun. I mean some topics are really sensitive. I have tried my best for the last few days to avoid discussing topics like religion, sex and politics. But from now on you will find some of them here on my page. Sex, it doesn’t mean that it is an X-rated blog; here you will see posts related to greater issues of gender. Religion I will try my best to avoid and yes politics will be in plenty here along with the usual issues of environment. Having mentioned politics let me make a point very clear I personally do subscribe to principles and ideologies of any political outfit, the contents, concerns and views will be my own. I stand for issues and so, views of some political enterprise may match with mine, that don’t give you liberty to have a notion that I support the particular outfit. Comments on the posts are invited but make it sure that it do not cause any offence, abuse to any enterprise social, economic, political and to anyone in particular.
This new category of “LAST PAGE OF MY NOTEBOOK” will try to address all the issues ranging from technology to agriculture, from media, politics to theology. I have a habit which I have found in many people, I write all my day to day yearnings, about all the tings good and bad, of likes and dislikes, I write it the time I feel it. I hope you will find some good reading in these scattered pieces.
Have a Nice Day


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