Of Climate Change & Conferences

UN Climate Change Conference 2009 is just a few months down the line. It will be held from Dec 07 – Dec 18 2009 at Copenhagen, Denmark. This is very crucial summit as almost all the nations will try to negotiate a deal in between them and bring out a successor to the Kyoto Protocol. It is complex and situation is now or never. Imagine how much diplomacy and complexity is involved when two countries reaches to an agreement, all parties (nations) reaching to a consensus and reaching to a framework which all will decide to follow for a better planet and better future is a gigantic challenge indeed.
Who should be held accountable for all the damages done to the environment is much debated question. But clear differences exist between the developed and the developing nations. The developing world think developed nations have contributed to emission and pollution for centuries and hence it is their duty to reduce the emission, whereas developed countries see likes of India and China as a major emitter and argue for equal participation. One of the key questions is How Much Should Poor Countries
Be Paid to Fight Climate Change?
There seems to be much disagreement between the developing nations on this issue.
From my perspective as a citizen of the developing world, it is a global burden but to be borne more by developed world. It is moral responsibility of the developed countries to help developing ones preserve the environment reduce the level of pollution due to various developmental activities. Exploitation of resources needs to be discouraged. Huge investment in promoting green technologies and practices should be made. Organization governmental and non-governmental should be set up to monitor implementation of green rules.
Contrary to the belief of many in development world, the problem of global warming didn’t erupt overnight. It has nothing to do with rise of India and China, and their development agenda. Developed world need to understand that you can’t preach “Go Green” on one hand and bailing out the manufacturers of gas guzzlers on the other hand.
Those who are still asleep, and think all the issues of “Climate Change”, “Global Warming” as a hoax, you cannot pretend that Devil do not exists by closing your eye to it, Wake up.


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