Intellectual Property (IP) for a Better World

Solution to climate change will come at many prices, and this has to be borne not only by the developed world but developing nations too. Funding the huge investment required to implement low emission technologies will have to be fairly balanced among all. Any deviation from that will see reluctance from the developing world in going green. The problem is of humanity as a whole and nation, organization or individual cannot alienate themselves to escape.

Funding technology implementation in less developed countries can be done in ways like direct financial help or in form of technology transfer. In later case one complication that is certain to arise is intellectual property (IP). It is not unethical if IP holder of these green technologies will ask why they transfer it when they have invested so much in Research & Development. What incentive they will get by transferring?

No doubt intellectual property is a major motivation when an organization makes investment in Research. Will we see all these dried up when developed world take away IPs from them and pass it on for a little or no incentive?

In my view we are going to see huge investment in state sponsored research around the world. Rewarding private organization for better green technology developed and compensating them for transferring IP of these technologies to lesser developed world will be another way to march ahead. Beside these, countries like India and China will see a considerable growth in development and implementation of efficient, less emitting and clean technologies. These countries will try to go what can be described as Japan Way, efficient systems, lower per capita energy consumption and in turn lesser emission.

But a question remains; will the developed ones will trade off IP for better planet?

Be prepared and let’s see which the negotiations will take turn.


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