Renewable Energy Law 2010

There are a lot of challenges that lies ahead for India like elimination of poverty, providing better health care, education and livelihood opportunities for its people, bridging the rural urban gap with better infrastructure.  One important thing that will drive India’s growth towards better tomorrow will be providing energy for these ambition, not just energy but green and clean energy. Energy which is in synergy with sustainable development, non-polluting and do not put extra financial burden on the national exchequer with increasing scarcity of the raw resources.

But what is the present state of India‘s energy requirement and how much of that requirement is fulfilled? More importantly what percentage of that requirement comes from renewable sources? Believe it or not here environmental concerns and emission norms are often neglected or traded off when it comes to developmental or energy projects. Till now it was alright but with growing concerns and pressure from around the world, and also as responsible citizens of this planet we need to have introspection. We have a democratic framework and it is the right time for us to ask what is our stand on going green? Or more specifically do we have a renewable energy policy go support?

Before General Elections 2009, it was really strange to see the seer absence of environmental issues and address regarding green energy policy in a country where nature is worshiped and placed high above. Moreover, this holds about one-sixth of the human population on this planet.

Do we really care?? No, I don think so.

So what you can do?

Raise Your Voice from the every platform you can and let’s grow the voice strong enough to demand a clear Renewable Energy Policy as soon as possible.

Greenpeace has recently launched a campaign asking Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to initiate the process for formulation Renewable Energy Law by 2010. You can also show your support and apply pressure for the cause.


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2 Responses to Renewable Energy Law 2010

  1. Rodney says:

    Barun Jha,

    appreciate your efforts in making India clean.
    India has a very sensible man at its helm and this should be the right time to push for a law on Renewable Energy. Being in South Africa and tracking whats happening in Renewable Energy across the globe, i see India investing a lot on Renewable Energy.

    • Barun Jha says:

      Thanks Rodney

      Rightly said it is the best time to have a concrete policy on renewable energy for India.

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