Bullshit Journalism On The New York Times

Have you come across this post titled “How Green Is a Nudist Vacation?” in Blog Green Inc. of the The New York Times? If not please do visit and go through it. This is bullshit journalism at its height. Talks a like these make the whole campaign against global warming useless and campaigners look silly.

James Kanter needs to understand that there are more serious people who really feel that green house gases reduction is a challenge and global warming a potential danger against safe survival of humanity on this planet. And they are working towards a better world, let them do so. Please do not pass bullshit from platform like yours and make their efforts go vain.

Wake Up America……


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2 Responses to Bullshit Journalism On The New York Times

  1. stacie ws says:

    Bottom line – Global warming is a farce pushed down our throats by AlGore and General Electric to make $$$$$$!
    (Promoted by NBC and the state run media)

    Wake up America – it’s all about money and you are being duped if you think otherwise……..

    • Barun Jha says:

      Duped are those who do not have conscience.

      Easiest thing you can do to put away danger is to close your eyes to it.

      Wake Up America……………… Don’t Be Pigeons.

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