Of High Talks and Weak Deeds

When the rich, developed and nations historically responsible for most of the emission do not think it as their responsibility (at least moral) to spearhead the reduction in emission of Green House Gases (GHG), expect the least of cooperation from developing countries like India and China. Most of the industrialized countries are talking of pledging their emission about 10-15% lower than 1990 levels and that too by 2050 is the most shameless and irresponsible statement made.

When these countries are so reluctant to take the step forward, only voice they are likely to hear from developing world is that “don’t preach what you cannot do it yourself”. And no doubt, in that case they will be justified with their viewpoint. But that do not give us the solution? In case of stalemate which is likely to happen between the industrialized and developing nations, Planet Earth will have to pay a huge price.

A country like Russia which pledges to reduce in 10-15% range by 2020 will in real sense is likely to increase their emission. Although energy efficient, since base year is 1990 when undivided USSR used to exist, and compared to that emission figure there is going to be an increase.

Often encountered in online forums, it is strange why the resident of the developed part are so careless, they just behave as if the problem doesn’t exists at all. It is really confusing to say, whether it is their reluctance or ignorance. For a better and immediate solution it is the people of these developed countries needs to understand the gravity of situation, change their attitude and raise a strong voice asking their administration to come up with a decent reduction target. After all it is for the humanity and Planet Earth.


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