Waste Disposal Units Mandatory for Large Housing Complexes

To cover up its own inefficiencies regarding Solid Waste Management BBMP has forced Karnataka State Pollution Control Board to make it mandatory for large apartments to have an on site solid waste management unit. If newspaper reports are to be believed, without this it would not be possible for the builders to get pollution clearance certificate.

But it would be worth watching how BBMP and KSPCB define large apartments? And a valid question will remain, was the waste pressure from these apartments so high to make the waste management plan of city like Bangalore inefficient?

Sick of seeing waste, garbage piled up on the roadside in a beautiful city like Bangalore; let’s hope things will change this time with the said effort. Moreover BBMP needs to beef up its waste collection mechanism and make the system efficient enough so that available Solid Waste Treatment and disposal facilities do not go underutilized of its capacity.

Hope things will get better.


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