Of Lemon Rice and Filter Coffee…

My days of romance with the city of Chennai are over for now. One of the metro cities of India and capital of Tamil Nadu, believe me every moment passed was an adventure in itself.  To be precise I was camped on OMR, and my short stay was literally on fast lane.  Old Mahabalipuram Road or Old Mammallapuram Road as called locally is home to the majority of the Information Technology businesses in the city. I will keep on adding to this post as I revisit the memories, memories good or bad, it doesn’t matter, each one had some takeaways. So here I start:

Take # 001

The bus ride was anything but pleasure on my way to join my office in Chennai. It was first week of February; I nearly froze, not because it is a cold place. The knob of the air-conditioning vent above my seat was not working and the push back bar of the seat was clogged. I do not know how it worked when I tried it for the last time about an hour before reaching Chennai. Whatever happened seemed to be a part of greater conspiracy, so that I cannot sleep and go to office with bleary, swollen eyes the next day.

The bus came to a final halt at Central, one of the railway stations. Like any Indian cities I was surrounded by people as soon as I got down the bus. All sorts of people porters, auto rickshaw drivers, agents of hotels nearby, anyhow we managed to find our way through them. Soon we were surrounded another sort of creatures they are in a mob large enough to lift you off the road and their humming sound was nothing but irritating. To be frank I had never seen such a mosquito menace before. I thought it is their way to say “Welcome to Madras”, although they can soon give you a mad-rash.

Wait for more to come……….

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6 Responses to Of Lemon Rice and Filter Coffee…

  1. kj78692 says:

    really nice..hoping u will make a good story and it may get published as a book.
    Happy writing!!!!

  2. Vimal says:

    Intersting topic wit some true facts too..Keep writing!

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