Deep Within

I wrote this one almost a year back and since then it adorns the “About Me” section of my Orkut page.

Deep Within

Ages past understanding the sages

But, vagueness keeps on escalating

Words, words is what I seek

Words passionate, wild, insane

Words refined, cerebral, civilized

Unattainable is Oasis in wilderness

Do words define me?

Vigilant, thoughtful, straightforward,

Sharp, kind, pragmatic,

Indomitable, dedicated, candid

Is this what I am?

Imagination runs feral

Turbulence of pond, Stillness of oceans

Flying success of lost opportunities

Discarded friends, Cherished Strangers

Born once more, reached pinnacle

Descent of trounce, in Albatross of existence

Calm Down, Be a static vagabond

For special, unusual, out- of-ordinary you are

Be the moon soft, soothing, and romantic

Warm like sun, smile & brighten every soul you touch.


About Barun Jha

Infrastructure Professional, Introvert,Writer, Wonderer, Wanderer
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