Who is in Danger Planet or Us?

When I say, Go Green Save the Planet, it is not the planet that is in danger it is us. Yes Earth withstood many torments and severe conditions arising due to chemical and physical occurrences in different geological era. Many people you confront are reluctant to believe and accept that global warming and climate change are potential dangers to the earth. Who knows the fact, but one thing is sure with all these stuffs your chances of survival are same when with your hands tied your neck is on guillotine and you know that the blade above you is slipping slowly.  People are not serious as they think and take the matter too literally; they do not see any logic in temperature rise and driving a car, or smoke from burning coal and more interesting danger of global warming from belching of cows.

So, where does the solution lies? Are campaigns effective?  Until and unless people know how their actions contribute to emission, no campaign is successful. They should understand that driving an electric car is not green if the electricity is coal powered. Replacing plastic cups with paper cups is not eco-friendly. We need to understand that danger loom large on our survival not on the Earth and it is only us who can avert this.


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