Don’t Procrastinate Sustainability

Lack of concentration often spoils the game. I have never performed so badly at work as I did today. And in the process, I wasted around eight A4 size print pages other than doing the same thing over and over again for almost four times. And that is one of the thing I hated the most. I cannot let it go like that, every failure has to be analyzed for its causes, future implications and potential learning. It was a normal morning except for the breakfast that was oily, sun too warm and humidity too high. Other things were as usual. But I still wonder what the cause was? Do change in the physical environment, I mean any deviation from what is usual influences how your mind functions the whole day?  A bright, successful and pleasant day cannot be attributed to right functioning of your mind and body alone in the same way things unintentional and unwanted cannot be warded off just because all things external worked against you. That’s bullshit. Not so in any sense if you think so. Now let’s not talk of sense as I sense that I am not making any sense, but it is sensible to sense that what the sense is.  One thing lead to other and people wow on the justification of Newton’s laws.  Some irritated and infuriated, go to the extent of cursing the long departed souls. When you wonder in awe as a victim of the conspiracy launched by you, how it turned against you … leave it ….all Bullshit. Who cares? You cannot keep on doing like this for a long time one day things will come to an end, poor fellow are you waiting for the day to come? Go ahead things will change. Move on.  Nothing has been carved for a long time, world deserve it better and something immediate. It is testing time for the limits, don’t procrastinate act now, tomorrow it will be too late.  


What you thought?   HeHeHe………..mind it.


About Barun Jha

Infrastructure Professional, Introvert,Writer, Wonderer, Wanderer
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One Response to Don’t Procrastinate Sustainability

  1. Wulfgar says:

    Carry on indeed….focusing in a standstill on one, who, as we are all, imperfect, will get you nowhere. Study, but let go, like a bubble in plain view…

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