Of Lemon Rice and Filter Coffee…


 Finally we managed to find a sub-way which will lead us to the other side of the road. Back home, I mean the smaller towns of India you will not find such a thing. To cross road, we actually run across in a zigzag way making our way through lines of vehicles which never follow a line. A sub-way, I do not know from where it originated, but it always fascinates me. Have you ever wondered how out of place these look on the archaic pattern of existing traffic design in these metros?  The subway welcomed me with one open man-hole at the entrance, the interiors are designed, I think, in a great way. The layer of litter on the floor makes you feel like walking on a carpet especially rolled to welcome you, the stains of spit and sputter makes a perfect mosaic on the wall. The designers took care of utilities by dedicating one corner. The aroma emerging from there gave me a jolt enough to wake up completely.  We reached the other side and decided to have a cup of tea. “Excuse me; can I have two cups of tea?” I asked. “……………………………” came the reply, which I could neither understand nor remember, let me tell you it was no way pleasant. Only thing I was able to do was to show him two fingers and point it towards the steaming kettle. Even the way they make tea out here is different. So we finally had hot tea, not hot, slightly warm, I think the heat escaped during the process of making.

After enquiring with more than a dozen people we were successful in finding the hotel where our other colleagues were staying. After usual morning chores in this city so unusual, we were fresh down on the streets.



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