Twitter is so simple

Even the birds won’t believe the fact; their tweets are so famous that it is the hottest thing available with the humans.

 We are tweeting like anything, out of knowledge, out of ignorance, out of happiness, out of sorrow.

We tweet to celebrate, we tweet to show our anger, we tweet for a cause, and we tweet against a cause.

We tweet when we have nothing to do and we tweet when we are busy with something else.

One hundred and forty characters and things done, yes, 140 is all you need.

 Today when a variety of social media is mushrooming like anything, it is difficult to rise above the rest.

 But in a competition, innovation is it of ideas, technology it reaps its own benefits.

Blogging was never so easy, accessible, widespread, and it’s so sweet that you tweet. It is growing fast and no one wants to be left behind.

Politicians, corporate, media houses leave that, even the British Monarchy can’t keep away, they are all on twitter

Do not procrastinate, do not close just tweet, tweet at least to save your identity on the World Wide Web (www).


About Barun Jha

Infrastructure Professional, Introvert,Writer, Wonderer, Wanderer
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