Delhi Metro and Drama of Indian Media

The big media drama of accident at one of the Delhi Metro work site is worth watching. These guys are really clever, when everyone is having a doomsday they are the only one, who seems to be celebrating.  The deck came down while the launch, the accident resulted in casualty of construction workers present at the site. During the day different media house had different numbers for the casualty. Sreedharan took moral responsibility of the incident and decided to resign, and the drama began. Every television news channel is flooded with discussions on what needs to be done and what not, only thing I did was I laughed. I laughed on their ignorance, on the system and on their perception of the whole issue.

Citizen and media activism is one thing, but doing it mindlessly just for sake of doing it, is not acceptable. The speed and accuracy with which Delhi Metro has been working is worth appreciation only and nothing else. As an industry insider I am sure of that. The multi tier contract system under which present construction industry works has its own pros and cons. Speedy and efficient work is a major advantage but at the same time enormity of the system throws challenge of project management and quality assurance.  Skilled labor shortage is another problem in the pile; human resource and machinery are over worked in majority of the projects. When the projects and stretches of metro were finished before schedule, none of the so concerned asked how and at what risk. Taking the precedence who are they to ask how and why now?

No one complained when roads around the project site were better than some of the best roads of the capital. Delhi metro was implemented before deadlines in majority of stretches when infrastructure projects are usually late, behind schedule. Success of Delhi metro is one of the best examples of construction project management. Let’s appreciate it.  Don’t worry, I think Delhi Metro is mature enough to do a self motivated introspection and will soon come up with measures to avoid such cases in future. Let them do that, do not interfere.


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5 Responses to Delhi Metro and Drama of Indian Media

  1. Archana says:

    You’re correct when you say that “…do not interfere.”. Because definitely we cannot do anything about it. However someone’s life is more important than anything.. it should definitely not be taken lightly, and yes I do not blame media here because this is what they are supposed to do rather than following some celebrity’s life or some “kala bandar” as depicted in one of the recent movie(this what they usually do). It is not an small issue when we lose lives of many due to negligence. I feel if you belong to this background then stop laughing and see how could we handle it. Or instead of blaming any one, tell us how did it happen and how could it not have happened? Maybe that will help the talk around more meaningful.

    • Barun Jha says:

      Don’t you think Indian Media has this attitude of making out mountain out of mole? If they are really interested, why do they wait for things like this to happen? An independent, unbiased and proactive media is strength of democracy, not the one which chases yellow news just for the sake of TRp/viewer base.

      • Archana says:

        Unbiased, independent are just the words which looks good here on blogs or I should say in writing. Have a look around yourself and you will find that none of us(inlcuding yourself) are completely unbiased and/or independent. But there nothing wrong in it unless we do not overlook certain crucial things. Media(I think you meant TV channels and newspapers) is a business today. They cannot survive on complete truth. Accept it. However, definitely we expect a greater accuracy and less exaggeration. But talking about the Delhi Metro incident, we, the citizen of this country, definitely need a better picture of it. If you can do that it is good. But if not then do not blame anybody for anything. Like you said do not interfere with DMRC work because they know what needs to be done. Then media person does know their business well. And so do we all. Does it imply lets start overlooking infact stop talking about things happening around us? Before you put such strong statement let me tell you I have all rights to know about it. We will only hear the one who can speak about it, could be you or be it media.

        While writing this, I do not mean to support/oppose any entity or organization. I just want to tell you that blogging is definitely a great MEDIA to communicate(here we all have space to put across our opinion). So use its better features (like you have posted a few great articles on Environment awareness) instead of whining, complaining and blaming. By reading the I was just supposed to laugh with you at the media buzz and forget it about the DMRC incident. Answer me, should I? To whom should the billions go and ask about it? These channels has their space due to this.

    • Barun Jha says:

      I do not aim to blame anyone in any of my post. I blog and whatever I write is for my own pleasure(I like writing You see) and understand the fact that people will differ in opinion. I am against someone duping masses for the sake of self, even if it is myself. It will be better for us if the same media focusses on basic issues. I will broadcast it because some American channel is showing it or just my rival is talking of it leads us to a chaos where only one duped is the masses. My aim in the post was to present a different perspective, I think that broadens the debate. Some things which is difficult to disclose, I know I cannot because I am not Rahul Gandhi(I don’t have boot licking gentry following me), can lead us to a bigger problem perennial in our society. Only way to do that is voicing your perception supported by logic. Else people are too blind to not follow what appears to be a halo.

      Thank You for Reading and Commenting

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