Torrential Monsoon and Thirsty Lands

As a rule man is a fool,
when it’s hot he wants it cool,
when it’s cool he wants it hot,
always wanting what is not.

I do not remember when I read it first but one thing is sure I will never forget it because of truth in it. Human nature can be described to clarity by these four lines. I am here in my village in Bihar (India) which I do not visit too often. If words are to be believed it rained cats and dogs in this region last year. There was water everywhere……yes you got it right the whole region was flooded. And then, there was havoc of Kosi. Kosi often described as “The Curse of North Bihar”, the flood was unprecedented and so was the loss of life and property. The devastation was of scale that it was declared National Calamity.

This time situation is in sharp contrast. People are waiting for it; the situation is grim, it is hot and horrible. They want it to rain now and they want it desperately.  In North Bihar drought is not common and it is not pleasant thing. But they see it coming; people fear it, agricultural for sure. Even gentle wind blows dust in the fields which used to be water- logged by this time.  They know it, no rains means no/poor production, poor harvest means economic burden and then will come bad days, dark days in time of global recession.  

They say monsoon hasn’t arrived late but it hasn’t arrived. People see no reason to be optimistic because predictions have performed badly earlier and they are highly unpredictable lately. Global warming and climate change do not make sense, they cannot tolerate that. After all, question they ask is why I am paying for the shit and sin of the inhabitants of faraway lands?

Meteorological experts and climate scientists do not want to relate to each other on this issue.  Rain or no rain it is them who will perish. But people still look up in the sky with a hope, that it will rain and it will rain soon.

Are we playing with nature or the nature is playing with us ……………Don’t know.


About Barun Jha

Infrastructure Professional, Introvert,Writer, Wonderer, Wanderer
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