Deposit your Water in Bank….

Interesting  Idea Isn’t it??????


On the sidelines of G8 meet PM Manmohan Singh signed a historic pledge for global warming.  Pledge to limit global warming by no more than 2 degrees. This is a bold step forward and places India in climate leadership position. We demonstrated to the world that even though we are not responsible for climate change, we will do our share to fight it. But will it translate into action?

Despite monsoon season, our country is facing severe water shortage and we all know that agriculture will suffer like anything. Farmers are not able to sow their crops. If things keep on going like that, days ahead are really horrible. Reducing our dependence on coal is one of the possibilities to avoid this situation.

Greenpeace activists are actively pursuing Renewable Energy Law and this time they are placing hundreds of liters of water in fixed deposit accounts at a major bank somewhere in New Delhi, not far from the Prime Minister’s office.

Want to join the action?

Let the message to the Prime Minister will be loud and clear.

Deposit a liter of water in a bank account right away. It’s free.


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