Reducing Your Plastic Consumption

Plastic is menace for a clean and green living, causes global warming (got a bit complex relation) and pollution of air water and soil (very apparent). It is really intelligent to cut in your plastic consumption. Here are a few handy things you can do to reduce your plastic use.

Everyone likes free gifts and promotional material because it comes free. Here you really have a chance to turn green. Just say no to the promotional material that comes with a lot of packaging. Make your near and dear ones understood that you would like gifts without wrapping and they can use old newspaper if they really need to wrap. This may sound crazy to them but they will get used to it and if they understand, they will praise you for that. Similarly, when you pack gift for others use old newspapers or present it unwrapped and if you feel awkward, just tell them why you did so. This way you will save on a lot of plastic waste at your home. Do the same when you go shopping, instead of plastic wrapped items prefer items sold and stored in glass and other reusable materials. Similarly, do not ask for a plastic bag from the shopkeeper. Just say no if things are few and it can be carried by hand. If you already know you will shop for a lot of thing which you will not be able to carry without a bag, and then carry a bag from your home to the store. Use a cloth or jute bag, they are better. If possible, wash and reuse the plastic bags you already have at home. Reuse as many times as you can. The best is to use cloth bag which are more fashionable and reusable at the same time. If you have plenty of clean bags which you brought during your past visits to the shopkeeper ask him if he would like to have those bags for to reuse. Buy yourself a reusable lunch container and lunch bag. They are more convenient and cost effective in long run compared to plastic wraps and bags. Similarly, when you are ordering food ask them in advance while placing order not to include plastic utensils and napkins.

Also, spread awareness about the problems related with plastic use to your friends, family and colleague and asks them to reduce and reuse.


Be Smart…Reduce Your Plastic Consumption.


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One Response to Reducing Your Plastic Consumption

  1. Endangered Species Chocolate says:

    Great post and message about plastic. People don’t realize that plastic bags are not decomposable, so it’s better to reuse them or recycle them–some grocery stores have bins where you can recycle them–but using reusable bags are definitely a better option. Also, when giving gifts, using gift bags is a better choice because they can be reused!

    Endangered Species Chocolate

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