Say yes to Renewable

I do not understand why we are so indifferent towards our environment? Count the members of fan clubs of Bollywood glitterati in social media, it will run into millions but when it comes to gather people for a cause like environment, education, healthcare and better living , you won’t feel that you are living in a country with a billion citizen.

One such campaign is being run by Greenpeace which aims to step up pressure of the citizen on Indian Government to speed up and adopt the renewable energy in our energy deficient country. What I have analyzed as the cause of the problem is that we don’t give a damn where does our electricity / energy comes from subject to the condition that the bulbs at our places are light. Even we do not care that the bulb is an incandescent one and we should replace it with Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFLs) for better. We say “Chalta Hai to the fact that around five CFLs can be used with same energy that we use to light a single incandescent bulb.

Recent developments at world stage and stand taken by India clearly show that we care for the Earth. PM Manmohan Singh deserve appreciation for that at the same time we all need to support of him to take the mission of sustainable development way forward. Let’s stand together and put the required pressure on all corners of Indian Government so that the step by prime Minister doesn’t end up in being a tale not so good to tell.

Renewable energy is the future of India and that is the truth. Instead of investing in coal and gas based mega projects in future lets develop our renewable energy sector. We have a lot of potential in this case. Coal based plants has side effects and one is damage to forest and environment.  Anyone who has visited hilly state of Meghalaya knows it well, what the mindless coal hunting and hunger do to the environment.

Indian Government needs to know what we’re seeing across the country – floods in one place, droughts in another. Unless we step up pressure and they act things will only get worse.


Click here to show what a current generation of Indians can do.


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