The Nomadic Diary #001

What is distasteful and you always want to keep at bay will be very close to you.  And you wonder why it is with me always? Something like this happens every morning as I browse through news. Usually I start with international news followed by business, national and local news. The days around the full solar eclipse were better. We had reasons to celebrate for all national and international coverage of Taregna village and its history. But glory days are not forever; sooner the reality was evident.  One of the tourists was robbed of his belongings and strange that he was still happy. The days followed with no rain and situation hasn’t improved. There is no fear of drought but they see it coming and state has decided to get ready to take up the challenge of drought. The always wet North Bihar which has always seen the worst floods of the country still remains dry. Changing, things are changing they say, everything is changing.

The whole public remained mute onlooker of what happened on roads around Gandhi Maidan. The media seemed too busy covering the incident to pump up their TRP. It was the same place where the couples were beaten up by the cops in the park nearby, the innocent and dignified perished while goons and guns flourish.  What is happening? is it right?  Moral question or question on morality, don’t know. Don’t be evil if you cannot be good. It seems society is lifeless to realize that.

The sooner you realize, the better it is because nature is a great leveler and teacher.

Let’s stop the wild and wacky, be human in spirits, in words and in deeds.


About Barun Jha

Infrastructure Professional, Introvert,Writer, Wonderer, Wanderer
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