Cool Tips for Refrigerator Use

We all use refrigerators to store things and food items at low temperatures. At home we use it mindlessly and for almost all food items. Here are some cool tips that can save you a lot on electricity bills making you a little richer and greener.


Refrigerator doors which do not seal use more energy to cool things than one that seals completely. So, make it a habit to check and make sure that door seals when you close your refrigerator door. This will reduce your energy consumption. The position of refrigerator at your home also determines the energy consumption. Do not place your refrigerator near heating appliances (ovens), heating ducts and windows and other openings from where heat is likely to come in.  If the temperature of food items to be stored is higher, more energy will be consumed. Hence, allow food items to cool off (if hot) before you put them in. Take precaution when storing liquid, uncovered liquids give vapors/moisture; this adds to compressor workload and increases energy consumption. Always store liquids in cans covered with lids. Clean condenser coil maintains the efficiency so clean the coils regularly. These coils are found in back or in bottom of refrigerator. Regularly defrost manual manual-defrost refrigerator as frosts build up decreases the efficiency. Maintain only the required and recommended temperature. And finally, only store things that need low temperature for storage.


For long term savings, look for energy star/ BEE star ratings. Purchase one with low electricity consumption, even though their cost is higher but in long term saving on electricity bills levels that and add benefits to your pocket.


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  1. supercute98 says:

    I will keep this info in mind. Have a great day!

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