Raise Your Voice for Democracy in Myanmar

Another year and a half in detention for ailing Nobel Laureate and democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi  by Burmese kangaroo Court. Forty long years of murder, torture, mass rape and slave labor , of inhumanity, it seems brutal regime has no ends in Burma. And what a paradox those who should be behind bars are ruling and one who could have taken the nation out of all this mess is behind the bars.

China and challenging it on global front is haunting members of Security Council like US, UK. It is necessary to press China to agree for the prosecution of such a brutal regime.

A recent Harvard University report by top global jurists reveals that the UN has already quietly documented the forced recruitment of tens of thousands of child soldiers, more than one million refugees and internally displaced persons, numerous cases of killings and torture, mass rape and the forced displacement of 3,000 ethnic minority villages — as many as reported in Darfur.


It’s time for the world to put the Burmese generals on trial.


Avaaz is launching a call for the UN Security Council to investigate the regime for crimes against humanity — a judgment of guilt could lead to prosecution of top generals by the International Criminal Court.


Sign the petition to send a clear message to the UN Security Council that the world expects them to lead.


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