The Nomadic Diary #002

Swine flu is knocking the doors of the state. Bihar wants a separate test laboratory with all the test facilities to check the threat. Off course people need it; we cannot depend upon the appalling public healthcare system of the state. If the cases increase it will add to the already existing cerebral malaria menace. And system in the state will be in no way able to stand it.  Another reporting claims increase in number of cerebral malaria cases.

Twenty six out of thirty eight districts were officially declared drought hit and for the paradox, rivers of awdhara group draining the state and neighboring Nepal are in spate flooding the area surrounding it. What an ill fated state this is, I wonder?

“The state government has failed miserably to reach relief to the people facing unprecedented drought… It is a shame on humanity,” one former Union minister told reporters. That is how they talk. Yes they always fail. You strengthen your check dams only when it is breached; appoint doctors only when there is epidemic. Your relief reaches only when a few starve to death. You do nothing to check corruption and whether the fund reaches to people but at time of calamity declare one committee to look into the matter. Water recedes and people catch up with life and God knows where go your committees and your reports and the instant plan you promise the poor that this won’t be repeated again.

Neither rain nor irrigation on time means no sowing, no cultivation. Reports coming indicate paddy sowing in the state is lower by half and the implication will start showing in immediate days to come.  Amidst all these, decision of State Government to provide monthly pension to person with 40% disability is worth appreciation and so is decision to lower the annual income criteria to be eligible for pension. Similarly, inclusion of widows of families with annual income less than 60,000 under the Laxmibai Social Security Pension Scheme deserves applause. Although what these schemes pay is token of insult to the penury but for a parched throat every drop counts.


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