Your Office Can be Greener

Few cheats and cracks to turn your office green. Some are simple others needs disciplined effort. But result is all same, a lot of savings and pride for your organization.

So let’s start. Disposable cups are really a nuisance, don’t you think so?  Carry your own coffee mugs to office next time and avoid using disposable cups. This way you will be saving a lots of trees uses to make those paper cups. You will also reduce piles of solid waste and add to nation’s saving which is spent on waste treatment. If you travel to work, here is another chance to turn green. Start car pooling today. You will save a lot on your gas (fuel) bills and will develop some really good friendship.

Once inside office be a little concerned like printing, lighting. Print only when it is absolutely necessary. Avoid as far as you can. If you print, try your best to use both sides of paper. Your office is brightly light, it is fine but there is ample scope of energy saving.

Ask and motivate the facilities people of your organization to go for task based lighting. Focus lights where you need it most. Change to CFLs, they are cost effective and energy saving and better still go for LEDs. You can do similar thing at your home too. When you are leaving home for office and leaving office for home, turn off fans, lights and appliances which are not in use.

We have a habit to get our clothes washed after wearing once. Next time take a look, isn’t it clean, do it really need a wash. Avoid washing if they are clean. Fix a time frame and get your office air-conditioning up by a degree. If you are living in a hot places which needs air-conditioning round the clock, dress properly. Business formals in London and in New Delhi need not to be same. There is logic in it. See it don’t keep yourself blindfolded.

And Spread awareness.


About Barun Jha

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