When They Torched Train Bogies

Well this is not a new incident in Bihar and I don’t see a reason why it will not continue?  The Public burnt bogies of the train to show their anger against what they laugh at, law.

Is it what is right for you a law? But we have a written code for it. Hey, who cares?

I travel by train to my office for which I don’t buy ticket. We have a monthly pass but he says it is old, I need to renew it. The ticket collector who asks for ticket has no right for it. After all this is not their train. It is government railway. It means every one of his right to use it. So I do. If there is no seat in the unreserved coach, I have every right to enter reserved coaches. We don’t care who the hell it is reserved for. “Pull the chain to stop train” is the messages near the chain and I do what it is intended for. If I reach station late my office colleague pull chain to stop it for more time so that I can it and reach office on time. And when my friends are late I pull chain to stop it for them. If anyone objects we don’t mind picking up quarrel or even a fight if it is required.

I didn’t asked him for any explanation, but he was telling me the tale, in order to get friendly I think, so that he can adjust and feel comfortable on the edge of my berth.

Well this is an old incident, the latest one happened when I was returning to Patna from Bangalore. On the journey you cross through different states but nowhere had I seen such an act. It is the first stop after we entered Bihar, a group of people entered our coach. Their hurry told me they are on their way to office. They are well dressed, looking fine but they speak nothing decent when they open their mouth. They came; they occupied seats of my co-passengers without their consent. Some adjusted, some complained. The train jolted from the station. One of them suddenly got up and pulled the chain. The train came to an halt again. Some more guys rushed in to the compartment to join their office gang. Those coming later thanked them for pulling the chain.  After around quarter of an hour the train started again. No, this was not end of it. I soon came to know this has just started. And it was repeated a dozen of time till I reached Patna. 

So, what is the problem and where does the problem lies? Is it hooliganism of the masses or the Indian railway has failed to cater to their demands? If it is later one, are they genuine?

Like any Indian cities thousands of people from nearby small towns and districts travel each day to Patna for a various reasons. If you are the one, you know the present status and overcrowding of public transportation in the route. People reason that there is more population but the hard reality is that the existing facilities are not sufficient to capitalize the rising developmental aspirations.

But does that justify vandalism exhibited last week and a few months before? Is it the right way to lodge your protest? The expense of every public property comes from taxpayer’s money. Damaging public property is like damaging and burning your own hard earned cash. That is not good at all, not acceptable.

It disturbs us as an individual, as a society and prevents us to uphold peaceful democratic principles. One should protest and speak out for improvement, but in a way acceptable and justifiable.


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