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With the advent of technology on a daily basis in our life, it is really difficult to understand why we have been growing so careless? Before I started writing this piece I wanted to put today’s date on the top of it. Date, it should come naturally, but I needed to consult my mobile phone calendar to know. This is not for the first time; even at my workplace whenever I need to put date either I need to consult my colleagues or my phone or PC calendar. Now I fancy my childhood if anyone would have asked me what date it is today, I would have told him without wasting even a fraction of second the correct one.

To me it is nothing less than a paradox. Be it digital clocks, mobile phones, word processor, computer and applications running on it. Sometimes I wonder whether all of these are products of same human minds we see around. So much of hard work and determination and a huge amount of intellect has went into these appliances, gadgets and software to make human life at ease. The progenitors of all these technologies knowingly or unknowingly gave birth and shape to these ideas to enhance capabilities of human race. The main motive was not to distract and keep human creativity involved in menial tasks which require not much of creativity. The idea was to extend and push far horizon of human endeavor. It is as simple as that. Take an example, I can see down a few streets when I am here and it won’t be the same when I am on a building top. From there I can see the entire skyline of my city. So with pretty much of benefits coming our way we adapt to and embrace technological advancements.

But the question that has been haunting me is, Isn’t it making a generation cripple or lame? Certain abilities which laid the foundation of human technological innovation, aren’t we lagging on it?

It is no way a recent that I took a pen to write a length of paper. Word processors they have made your life too easy and mine too. You need it, you write it. You need not to strikethrough if a phrase or a word goes wrong; all you need to do is press a key. It is really helpful for aspiring writers like me. But, again I think will I be able to write the same without it. No believe me I am finding it really difficult to proceed. There are lots of people who say they can’t write a paragraph without a word processor. Yes, we are just like those rock stars who once said good music is not possible without drugs, an athlete who justifies steroids, a body builder who ingest al chemical and hormones except for a normal staple diet to carve curves on his body, the kids in schools who can’t do even preliminary arithmetic without using calculators. My professional need is to produce engineering design and drawings to bring idea into reality. I doubt what a shit of an engineer I would have been without these drawing and design applications running.

And this leads me to assume that those were great minds and greatness of human potential which bought wildest of human ideas and desires into conceivable form with their head bent over drafting table and with pencil in their hand. The engineering feat of the structure they created weighs more than present day technological breakthroughs. It adds to their awe and admiration quotient.

 I am not a technology antagonist, I catch up with them whenever they appear, and sometime they spread, they invade, they intrude but they won’t let you alone cast away.

The days of post offices are gone, the six storied post building in my locality appears to be a useless piece gulping on federal funds. The red letter boxes in the front and at places elsewhere I find no use of them. They sell envelope there, I know that stamped one in which you put your letters and address it to your dear ones. So far in these 23 years, I have used that service just once. I was somewhere between seven or eight year old. I wrote that first letter to my dad, as suggested by someone o let him know that his son can write letters now. My dad replied with all correction made. It was great feeling to get that reply. I remember how I read it to let everyone know in my family. And today, take away phones from our life, I don’t find a way to communicate to my family and friends. I am not used to writing letters and not sure if I will be able to do so, and my parents even though they try are not comfortable with e-mails. If you say where this generation gap is when all of us are living in same times, I see this communication gap.

The internet turned 40 and the voice of each and every participant of human race was not so uniformly louder ever before.  What you want here and your opinion on everything under the Sun are known and can be known on the other side of this sphere called Earth, the moment you voice it. With so much of it written with my already blunt tip of pencil, I need to sharpen it. Sorry I don’t have sharpener in my room. I gave up thought once to stop writing and continue next morning. Hey…. But can’t I do it with that knife? I have got one in my room and I tried and it was a success, so I will continue.

Now I see the logic why some of my old professors at my college used to hate the sight of pencil sharpeners in our engineering drawing classes. Why they asked us and made it mandatory to carry a small stationary knife and a piece of sand paper with us during those graphics practice sessions. Why they asked not to use curve scales but to draw free hand curves.

When I write why I do always right click and choose synonym of the words that look out of place.  How boring the right click option is not here when you are writing with pencil or pen, or you are typing on those papers using those metallic typewriters which are nonexistent and rare to see these days.  To cast a spell with appropriately used word you need a healthy vocabulary and command over spelling pencil won’t show you which word are wrongly spelt nor will the paper. One of my teacher in school asked us to spell spelling I spelt and thought it as stupid, but sooner it was gone when I saw more than half of the class got it wrong. It is something like these when technology make you feel crippled.

I text, I email, I blog, I tweet, I comment, I do all I need to, to make me, my views and opinions on things that concern me known to world around me and to world as a whole. But still I don’t find time to give an opinion to a friend even when asked for. Am I a tech addict who has friend on the other side, but still doesn’t know about the people who sit on the next office desk. No preaching like one spiritual guru but these truths I confront more than often.

In our course of embracing new innovation, let’s not forget that we are what we are; basic instinct of human survival will remain the same. We were not born with a domain in our name or any social media account in our name. It was us who created it, choose it voluntarily as a choice. Let’s not, let it intrude so much in our life that we forget ourselves. Let’s preserve our real identity as Human.

Raushanji Said”Even in darkness why it is that the food you clutch with your fingers always reaches your mouth, but not your eyes or ears?”


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  1. Tiger says:

    It is true… never thought why food always reaches mouth even in darkness 🙂

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