The Friday Post

When I started from Darbhanga to Patna, never did I realize that it would take so long to add another post here. It was great pleasure that I am back where I have spent learning days as a student. But the amount of work and responsibilities that will come along, I never thought of that. Anyway I am back again and promised myself that I won’t abstain from doing what I like doing the best…yes WRITING. Some thoughts, some experiences, some logic, something above other’s head and off course some of bullshit…. Yes I love to do it.

I wrote so long on rising temperature and climate change in my blog posts. I never wanted this winter to be so chilling and so long. In last five years of me in Patna, never have I seen such harshness in the winds. It seems winds are adverse everywhere. Just think of it. Rahul Gandhi wants intra party democracy among political parties of democratic India. Did he realize, had that been the case, he would not have been where he is today. Good…bhai …keep it up.  Now you are in resonance with the years old political system and your young oldies. Isn’t it like saying “Trespassers not allowed” once you are safely inside. Think of it.

Just see how the winds have changed in Mumbai. The national biggies have decided to beat likes of Shiv Sena in the game of regional politics. Now they want their kids to grow up learn to read, write and speak Marathi and become a taxi driver. Why? They won’t accept a non-Marathi to touch their taxis. What a futuristic progressive planning. …Sick of the political debates that followed it. Isn’t it confusing? Do ideologies of a party make a politician or it is the personal principles and thinking of an individual that aligns them towards an outfit? Whatever is the case, it’s no use of involving your brain over there.

Another wind of change, Pakistani Cricketers have no takers in the greatest commercialization of Indian sports…yes… Indian Premier League (IPL). It seems the idea of cashing on Indo – Pak relations and Pakistani cricketers playing for Indian teams, on Indian soil, in an Indian league didn’t break-even this time. Anyway do not attribute it either to 26/11 or to Pak-sponsored terror (all of Pakistan is taking offense), they were there in previous two seasons too. Cool down …take it as simple business… Don’t buy what is not supposed to earn you a profit.

Thank god, better news is coming out of Bihar now, and I am home not in Maharashtra.


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One Response to The Friday Post

  1. anurag2k4 says:

    yup…thank God…me tooo in not Mumbai

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