My Name is Jha

My Name is Jha

Who cares?…………… they do.

One of my colleagues asked me a pretty simple one. Why is this Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) so much in news these days? I wonder the answer is as complex as the simplicity of the inquisitive mind. My name is Khan…or not Khan, why this is so important for us, why do we care? All I can accuse this whole drama is of taking the attention of government, administration and media out of the killing food inflation…the food price rise….why no one cares, they are really killing us. The self appointed upholder of the culture, who pop up their head in affairs of no importance have no idea, they are making an environment which degrades their demands. Any publicity is publicity at the end of day. When will they understand that or is it a pre-planned game? Controversy sells and sells like no other thing in a country full of emotional and sentimental citizen. Spark a controversy in name of national or religious concern and see the interest the nation takes in you, count the number of policemen that guards you, the live cover media provides. And who do not want that, after all, all is fair in business.

C’mon, don’t fool anymore; it looks like a ritual before any big banner release. Khan …a Karan Johar Film…detention at a US airport last August related to name…advocacy of Pakistani Player playing IPL (but you were one of the franchise)…and then the release….cannot relate it anymore. I am sick of the whole thing.

Anyway, Good management… But one more question ….where did you learn all these?


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One Response to My Name is Jha

  1. anurag2k4 says:

    Yup…all this bullshit is a publicity stunt. But all we can have are blasts…this time in pune…because our whole security was busy in releasing of a film….

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