Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi

This is dedicated to a nation called India. Where “making mountain out of mole hill” is not just an idiom but a habit hard to forget, where predictability is as mysterious a game, as it can be.

XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi India

After much of  pessimistic predictions (to the extent of calling ‘it may become a national shame’) and positive wishes and much of spat and ruckus, in public, opening ceremony of Commonwealth Games was anything but gloriously splendid. Moreover, if you go by the tweets, Facebook updates and long hours of discussion by TV Channels, Yes, we Indians are proud of the presentation. Do not mind more than 100 Crores budget for that ceremony alone, so what, it got us an image and a head start for the Games that looked almost impossible.

Don know what is the reason, I believe people of Delhi are content with watching the games on Door Darshan. . Deserted look of stands , that is really an appalling sight for India to be a sporting nation. I am wondering if a total free entry will be able to draw the required crowd to project real sporting image. Whereas on a lighter side “Didn’t the OC knew, they were in India and they are not building stands for a cricket stadium?”

Come Out leastwise Watch


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