The Elected Horse

The present crisis in Karnataka Assembly is reminder of the farcical greatness of the democracy we believe to live in. The footages aired across national media and way public representative were behaving were enough to put the same public to shame. But, this is not an isolated incident without precedence. We have seen it many times, In Lok Sabha, in Rajya Sabha and countless times in different states legislative assemblies. What frightens most is that if this is to continue status quo, soon these places of highest importance in democratic framework will be analogous to fighting ring or akharas.

Why this does happens? Let us take another perspective on the present day politics. You need to spend amount in tune of crores for mere State Legislative assemblies’ ticket. Amidst fear of losing your investment, you pump in another few crores to convince voters (Sometimes even using brute force) to vote for you. If you win, and the party you belong to, secures majority, again begins a fight for coveted ministries. Sometimes they are passed on to highest on bidders. So check the bulk of cash power you have before daring into the arena.

Having invested so much, your clock starts ticking for the coveted period of five years. Now, it requires no Tatas or Ambanis to realize that you not only need to earn your investment but surpluses, enough to fund your run for the next term and off course some profits. And, this is the only reason left to explain the present state of affairs. The business of politics has become so competitive that horse-trading is no longer seen as an option but as norm.

So, what happens to public? The very people who once elected them are wondering are they the one for whom they casted their vote. The scene looks so murky with single-minded focus of legislatures on profit and cross exchange of favours among them (close aides to part governing in New Delhi are rewarded with position of Governor of states). Not to conclude, in this nation high in morality, everything is on sale, till you have power to buy and reaches to influence.


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