Delhi Games Closed

The 2010 Delhi edition of Common Wealth Games is over. The emotional billion differ in their views   like the prevalent diversity of the country.   Feelings across social media ranged from pride (we did it) to cursing (Speeches of a few to literal wedding show) during the closing ceremony of the Games. Thanks to the broadcast and commentary of the DoorDarshan, the very little interest you had is gone by their comments on a move or two. So, a combination of muted DD and Twitter timeline was there for my rescue. Believe me it was more entertaining than the actual program as it appeared from tweets flowing in. Try it next time you get something like that.

CWG OC Chairman should have thanked whole nation for bearing his speech too.


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2 Responses to Delhi Games Closed

  1. anurag2k4 says:

    the 10 day party is over. Now the real game will begin. Right from the credit to the blamings. It will be more intresting to watch than sania winning Gold.

  2. Barun Jha says:

    It was Saina (Nehwal)I believe, not Sania (Mirza). . . . . vowel movement can cause great distortion . . . 🙂

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