Of Cats, Dogs, Books & Social Media

One cannot kill the Social debate around us, on being social by delineating what is social and what is not, because, it is less of definition and more of agreement. Social media and its ultimate aim and claim of bringing together people together as a society, can be viewed in contrast depending on which perspective the critique takes.

On one hand, it is as social as engaging ever-enlarging mass in to the debate and leveraging on the collective wisdom to reach out and propose innovation. The extent to which collaboration have been achieved using various platforms would not have been possible in its absence. The evolution and development of internet has always kept brains high on knowledge and easily availability. As such, the social media triggered development of broader perspectives with multi-dimensional views and acknowledgement of importance of diverse opinion. Like the dogs tamed or wild, it has helped to develop that collaborative approach for higher and more valuable kill, leveraging on the knowledge, thinking and skills to complement one’s own.

Unproductive, useless, aimless, people with little of social skills and no social concerns at all is used as description of individuals who keep themselves engrossed in the mountains of paper. Books are considered strongest asocial as they keep off an individual from real society by providing a reflection of a similar society that is different, often pseudo and engaging. Sometime so addictive that people prefer to keep away from real social life. Now, as the virtual socializing takes on the game and old social skills and engagements taking back seat on our daily wish lists, we need to analyze, to what extent are we captives of these new social tools? Had we been like cats lately, too engaged in our own for the sake of socializing in an unreal world? Social media is proving to be an antidote for social life in real.

What will be socially engaging, on and off the screen, is what ends up being more social? Virtual or Real?


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One Response to Of Cats, Dogs, Books & Social Media

  1. anurag2k4 says:

    Well, obviously new instruments of social interaction are virtual but frankly saying, the commnunication itself is dubious. So let them be. I am not a promoter of virtual reality but it is better in the sense, that the pain, the one go through, is less when cheated by a online friend rather than by the one, who is close.

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