Reviews, Appreciation and Blog Promotion

With my limited broadness of experience and skills to generalize, what I generalize is everyone out there is hungry for some appreciation. Honest or phony, if it is appreciation, we love it. Every appreciation received or given has a motive, unless an honest appreciation to something worth appreciating, although, the later thing is idealistic in nature and can be rightly categorized as rare.

No sulking, as I am no exception but part of the herd. So are the people out there. I hardly remember when was the last I honestly appreciated someone (even my closest ones) not wanting a word of praise or just something in return. I do not know how moral or immoral it is (Why should one care?) but I believe that it is all damn business (the hard experience earned). Even if it is charity, it has to be reciprocated in one form or other. I wonder if charity rightly describes the act of charity. Moreover, those who indulge in such an act might have heard of there is nothing called free meals, which I think rightly fits in and works well even if it is a bit harsh.

Appreciation has been dwindling; criticism is rampant (as one loves to do it). Criticism is alright to the extent it is real. When you criticize, you cannot appreciate and denounce, but is calling a spade a spade. Where to find such a people called critics and act called criticism.

Reviewing someone’s work or act is another form of appreciation and more populist I think. I like, how people promote your blog post (even the conscience of author calls it crappy), which you have submitted for review on blog forum expecting you to reciprocate the generousness.  However, it appears to be in vogue as people do ask for promotion (what used to be shameless self-promotion earlier) through a footnote of postscript. Is not that degenerating? “It is a strange world; even relationships are for sale”, as put on by one friend of mine, “nothing is free sell whatever you can”.


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