Practice don’t make you look shocked

I remember my school days, what I see is each one of us had a different approach to handle the day-to-day hurdles of schooling. Practice makes a man perfect and so you should practice. I heard this hundreds of times and was quite a hip among mathematics fraternity. So, we did, solving similar or most of the time same problems again and again. That is some peculiar exercise; you cannot escape under Indian education system.

I had batch mates who used to claim it to be a futile exercise. Two plus two is four and it will be four, you try it once or a thousand times. Even though it appears to be logical but flaw is, it cites most elementary thing as an example. No event, be it academic calculation or real life problems, is always as simple as addition mentioned above. Even the most basic thing we do is a set of processes with different degree of complexity involved. Adeptness and perfection is achievable through perseverance and practice.

To practice or not to practice has always been dilemma. Practicing appears to a loss of time and abstinence from this is likely to result in repentance after the outcome. My analytical writing scores are pathetic enough to raise eyebrows on my prospects of securing a position at graduate schools of my choice. A little peak into what went wrong revealed lack or orientation, development and presentation of thoughts in coherence with the signposts you are tested on. Take my words; you need not to be a bad writer to have a bad score. It is all about making people understand the way they like to understand and it largely shapes their perception of what you are.

The realisation is that when you are tested or reviewed, practice – practice to reach perfection. Perfection as art of giving what is asked for, rather than giving what you intend to give.


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