Why Google Suggestions are absurd & useless?

What Google Suggests?

Google it…yes..  no one would have thought that Google would be such a part of your everyday life. I use Google in ignorance, in doubt, for confirmation and on and on… Google page open on my desk gives me confidence and an idea to take up this post…have you noticed the suggestions offered by Google India. Let’s check a few….

Rahul Gandhi

Now the suggestions make you wonder whether Wikileaks revealed him as gay. So what about Fool?? Idiot? No, I don’t think so. And people searching last phrase seems to be really concerned? Why?

Now let’s take an example from our intellectual media, Arnab Goswami, the guy who thinks it is his moral right…errrr…..moral responsibility as a responsible citizen to have an expert & final say in every chaos….errr….genteel debate he conducts on the TheNewsHour.

My suggestion, don’t Google …better watch NewsHour tonight or else Let Arnab take this issue on Newshour.

And What About Karan Johar??

No Comments…

Sachin R Tendulkar

Did you notice the third search from down?

What about Sonia Gandhi?

I think it’s BJP/RSS/Saffron guys Googling their doubt…..


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