Henry Fonda, Seagulls and Sunday Afternoon

Sometimes it is wiser to watch classics.

There is something strange about weekends. Come Monday morning and I start my countdown for next weekend. The most cherished thing I do is to recharge myself-body, mind & soul with some good sleep. Wandering a few hours in this picture perfect town comes close second.

Movies I cannot miss them. Last Sunday afternoon, having already slept for more than 12 hours and in no mood to roam around, I thought of movie. But the Talkies nearby was showing Patiala House, featuring Akki…hehehe…after gruesome torture with Tees Maar Khan a few weeks before I can’t take that …. hehehehe. I would rather count tortoises in pond in front of my apartment or trace the flight of migratory seagulls from terrace…that would be more enjoying than Akshay Kumar releases these days.

It was time to hit couch with my laptop. And this 1957 movie is just great, Henry Fonda, guys wearing ties on collared tees (I haven’t seen lately), Hot room with heated discussions…12 Angry Men… That is what I am talking about. More than use of one set in entire film and story of a for a 12 member jury, it is about building a consensus to turn the tide. It is about how a wider perspective gives a better picture, correlating different version to see what is coherent and what lacks it. The movie has some good takeaways. It is one of those movies which keeps you glued and at the end you say ….WOW….what a classic epic that was? I should have watched it before.

At least that is what I thought.

Court room trail movies suggestions solicited.


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