Games Kalmadi Played

I thought I won’t post this… but it’s been long i fed something to this space…..

When an emerging economy like India decided to host Common Wealth Games 2010 and won a fierce competition from other venues like that of Hamilton, Canada, it was matter of joy and excitement for whole nation. Delhi and Delhites would have been more than excited because with Games comes development. Development at a rapid pace, they have seen it with previous editions of Asian Games, which the city hosted in year 1951 and in 1982.  The man at the centre of limelight was definitely Mr. Suresh Kalmadi, President, Indian Olympic Association, and a former Member of Parliament.

Hosting a mega event was an opportunity to show our aspirations as an emerging economic power and major player at world stage. As preparation started, it required massive investment, investment for development of urban infrastructure of Delhi to proclaim it to an excellent city to place its resident at par with any excellent metropolitan. The city needed development on every front roads, bridges, flyovers, dedicated speed transits, hospitals, hotels, airports, metro for mass commuting, water supply, sewage system, waste and garbage disposal system and more importantly sport complex, stadiums for it was an sporting event. Moreover, it was a massive public expenditure, which people were knowingly or unknowingly happy to share.

As the days of games approached near, people’s dreams turned sour when images of poor handling ill preparedness came flashing in media and ball passing game of responsibility, which began between Government of Delhi, agencies entrusted with the development work and off course the Commonwealth Organising Committee.  Again at the centre of whole mess was Mr. Kalmadi, President, Indian Olympic Association and Chairman, the Common Wealth Organising Committee. Media in their varied form from print to social networks were abuzz with discussions and arguments. Off course, that is also a favourite national pass time in this cricket crazy nation. Some went on to call that it would turn out to be a national shame. However, the days of the Games came. Like cover-up on fallacies and mismanagement, even streets of Delhi were literally covered to hide the faces, which were not so presentable.

We missed on our sporting target; more than that, we failed miserably to invoke the sporting culture even after spending billions of public money, only thing we succeeded ended up in putting a satisfactory show. As expected with end of game a new game began. The game of accusation, corruption, committees and investigation. One after another, fallacies and over priced and irrational deals were unearthed each with one in-charge or the other to blame.  Political efforts cross accusations among parties and mockery of proceedings started to reign over acres of newsprints and millions of timelines.

Enough was said and less was reflected on part of central government. Their inaction gave a view of their tolerance to corruption. CWG OC chief Suresh Kalmadi, arrested on charges of cheating, conspiracy and corruption in connection with awarding some Games contracts, was today remanded in CBI custody for eight days. Even after his arrest and CBI custody few questions remains to be answered. Why was government postponing the real actions and arrests if it was so serious about intolerance to corruption? Kalmadi was stripped of his post of President of Indian Olympic Association only after elections in Tamil Nadu, Assam and West Bengal was over. Was there any political mileage at risk in these states for Indian National Congress? Was it a well thought plan to allow arrest of A Raja in 2G spectrum case to weaken the  UPA alliance partner  DMK and secure a better deal for assembly elections in Tamil Nadu?

In the meantime, Kalmadi has been sent to Tihar for a week or so… and ……

@jhabarun: Once Kalmadi threw Chappals, .Now Chappals being thrown at Kalmadi ..Dat’s wat u call Chappal-Karma


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