A State Affair:Primary Education in Bihar-I

After coming to power, Nitish Kumar brought in a massive recruitment of teachers and other staffs to work at grass root level. Over a period, it created employment for hundreds of thousands of educated unemployed and it was a chance for others who were working in different parts of country who always wanted to return to a job closer home. These vacancies were chiefly in education primary education sectors as teacher, shiksha mitras, shiksha sahayaks , primary health workers and para-medics , and supervisors and clerk at panchayat levels…. Some were even as librarian for village libraries… The effort was laudable and features as a prominent achievement for Nitish government as it provided/created direct employment and s lot of indirect jobs with flow of regular income down to rural economy.

Here is the link to video

For last couple of days the above video is doing rounds on my Facebook Wall with people appending it with their comments or their gems of wisdom, moreover, call it hot discussion of the civil society. You see civil society is hip these days… 😉 One fellow posted it with comment saying with this kind of education in English how do you expect your kids to crack CAT.  Yes, that is one dreaded thing even for IIT going Bihari boy who finds terribly tough to secure a cut off percentile in verbal section despite score high enough to gather envious looks in other sections of the examination.

Jokes apart, who are these teachers, what went wrong, is it the state of primary education in Bihar or it is the pseudo image of the prevailing winds in society.

Getting to the root of the problem the recruitment process was scaled down to panchayat level, which was to be taken up under supervision of district administration. A chance of government job ad-hoc or permanent it may be was like finding a fresh water spring amidst employment-starved landscape of Bihar. Applications were invited and in most of the cases one with higher marks in the degrees or the certificates that made them eligible were given the job. Now, with no tests to judge but only marks as a criterion for selection, there is high probability that people will submit fake certificates with inflated marks to secure their chances. This is nothing to wonder where you can easily get a fake mark sheets or even a genuine degree certificate. Those have been through universities and education system of Bihar knows how easy it is to get a high marks. All you need to do is butter the hands of the tabulator and that 49 you scored becomes 99 or reasonable still 39 becomes 89. Had the selectors acted honestly keeping their monetary interest apart the story would have been completely different.

Government and education department failed to obtain the veracity of those mark sheets or succumbed to pressure political or whatsoever or under their obligation for a favour or under influence of direct bribe, which is still rampant in every system in Bihar. For those who want to argue that things are changing, that Bihar is not what it used to be 5 years ago, believe me, all you need is a have a second look … Everything is same … Only the very act of corruption has gone elitist.


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One Response to A State Affair:Primary Education in Bihar-I

  1. Rudrarup says:

    This is such a bad news! I was happy when I read the start, but as i read more my heart was filled with sorrow.

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