If only I had a few extra hours . . .

Life is a paradox, for I keep on doing things with a consolation that one day I will be back to doing what I enjoy. Most of the unfulfilled yearns are attributed to lack of time to spend on them left after doing the chores for making a living that pays your  bills. Not wasting my time, wondering what all I will do if I had a few extra hours a day, I have only one thing on my mind that is to be good to myself. Yes, being as good as possible, doing thing I want to do or I wanted to do.

As Benjamin Franklin puts it, “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”; there have been countless times when I started with writing, be it a poem, an article, a blog post or a creative piece of blabbering, but gave up just for lack of time to continue with it. Sometimes, it feels like suppressing your ingenious for I do not have time for that. Although writing has been a passion for me for a long time now, I am yet to write something commendable enough to get the recognition. Recognition, too selfish of a pretty word, which gives a motive to combine all your actions of cursory life to achieve a perfect harmony of thoughts and words that influences others’ thoughts & perception. If I have a few extra hours in a day, I will focus my creativity on paper, build a castle of words, let the world walk in and explore every intricate detail and let them appreciate. That would be the time for me to bask in the warmth of their conversation and criticism.



If only I had a few extra hours…this post would have been complete.


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Infrastructure Professional, Introvert,Writer, Wonderer, Wanderer
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12 Responses to If only I had a few extra hours . . .

  1. Seema says:

    Short and nice post.All the best for the contest.

  2. complete the pst..my friend….looks too incomplete.. 🙂 and best of luck..

  3. Barun Jha says:

    Thnx fr ur suggestion
    even if someone does, literally i am not going to misuse ‘literally’…will write some other post

    Keep Coming Back..

  4. Nice one dude..!!!! enjoyed the flow of ur writing…

  5. Hehe. Short and honestly put. Best of luck. Please do visit my post Aye Zindagi!

  6. nidhi says:

    wow nice one

  7. malinymohan says:

    writing can grant u enlightening and enticing moments..do try to kindle tht passion in u more n more 🙂

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