The Blank Stare

I didn’t realize it, my left hand reached out for glass filled with water. I wasn’t looking at the glass, not at water and as far as my experience with whiskey and caffeine drinks goes, I was sure it is water that I gulped down.

I was not looking at them; I was staring in their eyes, one short trick I picked on from nowhere. Most of them can’t stand it, it makes people subdued, and you can take the opportunity to manipulate them. But, the blank look on their faces and them staring at me in the same way as me looked like a tactical warfare, although I was only explaining the complexity of evaluating the effect of multiple constraints / variables in a live project environment and the limitation of conventional project planning tools for the same.

I got it, these guys are using the same principle I use, maintaining a blank look on your face while looking directly in the eyes. These two middle aged men, must be in their 50s, if I am right at guessing age. No, I didn’t tried guessing mine…I know it exactly. Only it felt a little awkward when one of my colleagues wondered why I am still single. So nice of him to confess that I look more aged than my age.

“Yes, I agree with you gentleman. But, tell me, how are going to address it?” replied the guy sitting on the left, a stout face and complete grey hairs. Now, I can see a smile on his face. “Oh… I have been explaining the same thing to this guy over and over again”, I made a note to myself.

One shouldn’t forget, the trick which you think have mastered can be applied on you too and you may lose your mastery on the other end.



Don’t stare into a mirror when you are trying to solve a problem. ~ Mason Cooley


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Infrastructure Professional, Introvert,Writer, Wonderer, Wanderer
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