Erratic but profound thoughts #02

Let me tell you this interesting fact, yes, I call it fact; if you are not a writer, preparing an application for these top business schools is going be real tough job. Sometimes the same holds true even if you are a good writer. At least, I had confidence, on my writing skill, but never before I doubted my story telling abilities, not when I am telling my own, till I started writing this application.

What? I don’t write well…

How can you say that??


I forgive you for your ignorance of anthropological linguistics or linguistic anthropology or linguistics or anthropology. Now don’t scratch your head, if they sound too similar. Or maybe you don’t know the state of so called soft skills of the mere humans who toil day in and day out to bring out great physical infrastructure. The same thing you sometimes criticize and crib about and sometimes makes you feel you are living in a western hemisphere. Here I am talking of the intellectual types… hmm… Yes, I am the Shakespeare amongst them, a living dictionary, ready reference thesaurus… Sometimes, I dispense information more charitably than Google or Wikipedia… You see even Wikipedia asks for voluntary contribution to their bank accounts…I don’t…so that places me spiritually & philanthropically at par the highest level of cosmic consciousness even beyond the imagination of Deepak Chopra.

Construction industry, where an accident report in your mail box reads as

“the boat is filling with water and going down inside the water and so sinking…

Or where some mails read as

“I beg to request you to kindly state that… “

I still don’t understand, why some people condescend themselves to such a level of humbleness while writing in English. Humble, they are not. May be a colonial past, I am on a lookout for that guy who introduced such a despicable form of English in India.

Fine, that was enough of convincing. Believe me on my confidence as a good writer.

When it comes to writing b-school essay, what you require is everything more than your literary skills. You ability to summarize your achievements so far in life and offer a convincing reason for management education you wish to pursue, a future career path, your interests, entrepreneurial fantasies. I call them fantasies, in my observation everyone talks of starting  a firms, everyone does, one of my friend was is so ambitious that he dreams of taking over my firm in future, and he means it…he is a weird friend…moreover if we count the success stories, they will fall in the category of the Great Indian Bustard.

I found it tough; perhaps, it is my life story fit for the epic novels had to be summarized in hardly 1000 words… And still make a wow feeling on the reader’s who give just a few seconds on that hard fought achievements.

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Keeping the clutter out, here are my quick tips of writing b school essays:

  • List out all your achievements so far, however minor they may be. This is just a list so don’t make any criteria for it.
  • Point out clearly why you need to do an MBA. Explore. This should consider you future short term and long term plans. Explore, if it is possible to achieve the same using other options. Then you should be able to explain why this particular program and why not others.
  • Out of achievement select one which you think will make most impact considering the tone of essay.
  • Your achievement should include what you did, not what you got like certificates, awards. Explain what led you to that award.
  • Be very clear on following and you need not be in the herd you are unique(like everyone else..hehe)
    • Why MBA?
    • Why MBA at XYZ?
    • What will be you contribution/value addition to the batch? That translate to why you and why not other?

You write, rewrite, revise, ask for reviews, and incorporate comments to discover to discover yourself outside those restrictive word limits. It gives you a feeling of how restrained Anna Hazare must have felt on his last MaunVrat. But a MaunVrat won’t help, so  write, rewrite, revise, ask for reviews, and incorporate comments to your satisfaction. At the same time every line of it should be coherent with the grammar of standard written English. How unfair of these schools to ask of such thing, all I learned growing up is that grammar is an object that is discounted for a maithil boy writing in English. Haan yau Angrezi…


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4 Responses to Erratic but profound thoughts #02

  1. true the apparent humility reflected in our writing esp official correspondence is a thing of the colonial past

    you had voted for my post,that’s what brought me here

  2. Barun Jha says:

    thanks for the visit… loved ur posts on Chennai.. 🙂

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